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rains in texas created an emergency for kids at summer camp. this morning we have details on the rescue. lynette. >> so we don't have rain across the area right now. lots of clouds. but that could change. i will tell you when and why coming up. >> reporter: well, traffic is really starting to pick up on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. i am tracking the delays and we will show you the other main lines coming up on "good morning maryland. >> a live look at times square. let's head that way for the very latest in today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites yahoo is recovering from a major security breach. 450,000 accounts were affected and some users passwords were stolen. yahoo is working to correct the problem. move over angry birds, amazing alex is the latest smart phone phenomenon. the game reached the number one spot on iphones paid app list in 8 hours. game based on the difficult 1992 brain teaser the incredible machine is available for apple and android devoices. and void uses who -- androidusers will have indoors maps for the popular venues. the floor plans
a huge mess. we're going to head down to texas for a look at some of the flooding down there. lynette? >> all right, charlie yes showers and storms to the south of us. but we are dry. we need some much-needed rain. when that happens coming up. >> thank you lynette. well traffic is just starting to peck up here on the west side of the beltway at old court road and a new accident on the jfx. >> a live look this morning at times square. trust us it really is there. that's not the traditional shot. to new york there for the latest in techbytes. >> reporter: in today's techbytes, the first under $30,000 all electric vehicle goes on sale in the u.s.. the 2012 mitsubishi car has rear wheel drive, speed sensitive steering and gets about 126 miles a gallon. >>> a sign of the times on the sidewalks of the big apple. the city now has a plan to start turning some old pay phone booths into wi-fi hot spots. the wi-fi will be available around the clock for free. >>> the new pitted head sunglasses can turn anyone into an amateur spy. the glasses conceal a hidden microphone and hd camera allowing wear
killed they people and sent two dozen others to the hospital. in texas three were struck while trying to take shelter under trees. one died at the scene, another at the hospital. the third expected to recover. in canada lightning hit a dining at the present time at a rib fest in ontario. 17 people were rushed to the hospital expected to survive. >> we heard people screaming. we saw people running. there was a number of people who had been hit by the after shock of it and went running past us. >> in georgia two men were hit while trying to shelter under trees, one of them a father of 9, he later died. >> get inside. i got to get the dogs in here, get in the interior room. it's picking up. a tornado touched down in virginia on saturday. burt rustle captioned this video of a twister. trees were uprooted and buildings damaged as well. on the website we have section called tornado alley. there is a look at precautions to take and severe weather and watch storm chasers live. head to and look under the weather tab. >>> now a check of out weather. in each of those three stories
states may have to deal with the dns changer. >>> the weather video houston texas. now bracing for flooding there. severe weather hitting the city. as being see it made driving more cautious and dangerous. it's he can spec to get more -- they are expected to get more rain through wednesday. this video from houston but this video of a storm representing through fredericksburg virginia. this is is a dance studio two walls colaped and the roof ripped off. -side two dozen cheerleaders and parents also their teachers. >> -- inside, two dozen cheerleaders and parents also their teachers. >> we were praying to god we wouldn't die. >> miss connie was trying to stay up -- tape up window and saw the funnel and told everybody to get in the dance room. >> we weren't that close from it hitting us. we had stepped foot in there andwe saw it cave in on us. >> two parents were injured as they pull kids to safety. dance studio's roof was blown 100 feet away and landed on top of the house. no one was at the home when the roof came crashing down. >> how scarry for everybody. >> yeah. >> you were
of buzz. >> 80,000 bees living in the side of your home 80,000. that was the case for a family in texas. they lived next to a family and they had a hive in their wall. so it was a huge danger to his wife and daughter. they had to hire a bee expert and his assistant agreed to look into it for free. >> this hive is giving me the appearance it's going to be a little bit but i think it's facade for the mountain of hell that's going to be there. >> i would say 80,000 is a mountain of hell. what they found is a 10 foot tall hive inside and they vacuumed up as many as they could and they are going to a farmer. >> the gentleman swatting the bees, police. please get a -- please, get a shirt. >> for your safety. >> 80,000 bees. >> my biggest nightmare. >> you afraid of bees. >> reporter: i never been stunning but emafraid. >> terrified -- stung but i am afraid. >> terrified. >> reporter: time for caption this. >> what do you have. >> reporter: this was brought in by tom blare. it was his two dogs who you can see are perched looking out thewindow. rory wrote in saying check out the poodle next doo
and pictures all of this once again at >>> update on a developing story out of texas. we have been following this throughout the morning. and at least 11 people are dead after a pickup truck left the highway and crashed into a tree. this happened overnight in the town of goliad about 100 miles southeast san antonio. all the victims were in the same ford f-250 peckup and another 12 people were -- we are talking about 23 people 11 in one car alone. they are dead. some have life-threatening injuries. >>> the decision from the nc a a could be three hourss away what sanctions will be hand down to penn state university's football program as they have taken down the at that time stat you of joe paterno -- statue of joe paterno. sherrie johnson has a preview of what's expected for today. a lot of people are saying the punishment could be severe. >> reporter: a lot going on at penn state. the ncaa plans to announce sanctions against penn state and the football program at 9 this morning. while the statue of the late legendary football coach is gone. it was taken down early sunday mornin
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6